Places to visit in Lahaul Spiti

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places to visit in Lahaul Spiti
Places to visit in Lahaul Spiti

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Lahaul and Spiti, two remote valleys settled within the Himalayas, are a tourist's dream come true. These pristine regions are nestled in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. They offer a charming blend of stunning landscapes, and a rich culture. In this guide, we'll further embark on a virtual journey through the charming Lahaul and Spiti. Meanwhile, highlight the top places that beckon thrill lovers and nature lovers alike. Whether you are a trekking lover, a divine seeker, or simply someone craving for peace. In short, Lahaul and Spiti nestled amidst natural beauty have some thing special to offer.

Lahaul Valley Where Nature and Culture Converge

1: Keylong The Gateway to Lahaul

Keylong, the admin capital of Lahaul Valley, welcomes you with open arms. Its a place of stunning views of lush green landscapes. This charming town further serves as an ideal starting point for your Lahaul journey. Be sure to visit the Kardang Monastery, a sacred oasis boasting unique structure. It meanwhile offers a window into the region's rich culture.

2: Jispa A Picturesque Paradise

Jispa is a serene village nestled along the banks of the Bhaga River. It is a hub for nature lovers. Moreover, Jispa contains tall peaks and pristine landscapes all around itself. It further offers the perfect backdrop for unwinding and revival. Camp by the river or embark on nearby treks to immerse yourself in the Himalayan beauty.

3: Baralacha Pass An Adventure in the Sky

At a great altitude of 4890 meters (16040 feet), the Baralacha Pass. It firstly stands as a high mountain pass that connects Lahaul Valley to Ladakh and Zanskar. The pass, ensconced by snow capped peaks, meanwhile offers thrilling trekking options amidst nature's grandeur. Nearby, Suraj Tal Lake, the third highest Indian lake, serves as a tranquil haven for reflection.

4: Udaipur A Cultural Gem

Udaipur, distinct from its more famous name sake in Rajasthan, is a Lahauli town. It is steeped in history and cultural remains. The Mrikula Devi Temple, an ancient wooden master piece, shows minute building marvel. It firstly stands as a symbol to the region's rich legacy. This town further serves as an entrance to explore the charming Pangi Valley.

5: Trilokinath Temple A Spiritual Pilgrimage

Trilokinath Temple, located in the village of Tunde, is a sacred site. It further beckons divine seekers and devotees alike. This ancient temple, devoted to Lord Shiva, is famous for its unique artistry. Above all, it's a great sight having unique blend of Hindu and Buddhist impacts. The tranquil aura and divine values of Trilokinath make it a must visit in Lahaul Valley.

6: Shashur Monastery A Spiritual Retreat

Shashur Monastery, nestled in the village of Shashur, is a serene and divine place. This years old monastery is linked with the Gelugpa sect of Tibetan Buddhism. It is at a distance of 137km from Manali. Shashur means blue pines in local language as patches of blue can be seen around it. It is further filled with minute murals and houses a famous statue of Avalokiteshvara. A visit to Shashur meanwhile offers a glimpse into the region's divine aspects.

7: Darcha A Trekker's Paradise

Darcha, a small settlement along the Manali Leh Highway. It is an entrance to some of the most iconic treks in the region. The Darcha Padum trek, in particular, is a challenging yet rewarding journey. It further takes you through pristine landscapes, high altitude passes, and remote regions. Above all, it is an ideal starting point for treks that lead to stunning vistas.

Spiti Valley A Spiritual and Natural Sanctuary

1: Kaza The Sub District Headquarters

Kaza, the sub district headquarters of Spiti, is a bustling town between changing landscapes. It serves as a perfect base for seeing the region's tourist spots. Do not miss the Key Monastery, one of Spiti's largest and most unique one. It meanwhile offers stunning views of the nearby mountains. Kaza also offers a chance to immerse yourself in Tibetan culture and savor tasty Tibetan cuisine.

2: Tabo The Ajanta of the Himalayas

Often known as the Ajanta of the Himalayas, Tabo boasts an ancient Tabo Monastery. That further dates back over a thousand years. It firstly houses a great number of thankas (scroll paintings), statues and ancient texts. The tranquil ambiance of Tabo, set against the stark, arid views create a divine ambiance.

3: Dhankar Perched on High Cliffs

Dhankar Monastery, dramatically perched on a high cliff, is one more hidden gem of Spiti. It firstly offers charming views of the meeting point of the Spiti and Pin rivers. The scenic village settled below seems more charming from here. A short hike further takes you to Dhankar Lake, a pristine spot having rugged terrain around.

4: Pin Valley National Park A Wildlife Sanctuary

For wildlife and nature lovers, Pin Valley National Park is a heaven. It's home to diverse fauna, for example the rare snow leopard, ibex, and Himalayan wolf. Observe the stark yet charming vistas, with barren mountains and lush green valleys. That meanwhile offers amazing options for trekking and wildlife photography.

5: Key Monastery A Spiritual Retreat

Key Monastery, perched on a hilltop, is one of the most unique ones in Spiti. That's design and artwork are a symbol to Tibetan Buddhist culture. Its further houses a rich number of thangkas (painted scrolls), ancient texts, and statues. Key Monastery is not only a place of worship but also a treasure of cultural remains.

6: Chandratal Lake The Moon Lake

Chandratal, or the Moon Lake, is firstly a high altitude gem. It mirrors the clear blue sky and nearby peaks. The journey to Chandratal is an adventure itself, with rugged roads and stunning views. Camping by the lake under the starlit sky is an experience that leaves an indelible mark. The lake is mainly reachable during June to September.

7: Kibber Among the Highest Villages

Kibber, perched at an altitude of 4205 meters (13795 feet). It is one of the highest inhabited regions globally. The village firstly offers insights into the ancient Spitian way of life. Meanwhile, do not miss the Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary. Here you might spot the elusive snow leopard and other Himalayan wildlife.

8: Losar A Serene Village

Losar is a charming village known for its vivid houses and tranquil ambiance. Above all, it's a great place to see the local culture and savor proper Himachali cuisine. Losar further serves as an easy stopover for tourists heading to Kunzum Pass or Chandratal Lake. It contains various shops post office and health care services for the tourists visiting here.


Lahaul and Spiti, contains stunning landscapes, ancient monasteries, and vibrant culture. They are a symbol to the Himalayas' unmatched beauty. You may seek adventure in high mountain passes and divine solace in ancient monasteries. Above all, you may feel the serenity in the lap of pristine nature. In short, Lahaul and Spiti valleys offer an journey unlike any other. So, pack your bags, embark on this soul stirring expedition. During which, you'll get stunned by the pure beauty and warm welcome of Lahaul and Spiti. That's truly a piece of heaven on Earth.

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